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Kiva Design is a corporate and retail interior architecture and design company located in Montreal. With corporate clients throughout Canada, and having collaborated with ID & Design International ( on retail projects throughout the United States, we offer a full scope of design services including: space planning, concept development, interior architecture, technical drawings, and site supervision.  Sustainable design is always a consideration in all of our projects, whether or not the project is to be certified LEED or not, as our designers are highly mindful of the impact of design elements on the environment. The Kiva team infuses their knowledge and passion into each phase of a construction project. No matter the size or scope of a mandate, Kiva’s ultimate goal is to deliver value, ingenuity and practicality through design.

With over to 20 years of experience in corporate interiors, we excel in workplace environments. Our complete understanding of our clients’ needs, whether the project is a relocation, renovation or expansion, has enabled us to become one of Montreal’s leading interior design firms.  Our unique prelease plans help clients visualise the pros and cons of potential spaces and also facilitate construction budgets.  Our design plans always aim to fulfill two objectives: efficiency and ergonomics. We put every inch to productive use, while preserving the harmony and aesthetics of the total space.

Interior design becomes a value-added activity.